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Let's start at the very beginning...

Lovelee & Co. was formerly known as GorJess & LoveLee! In 2011, sisters and founders, Jessica (GorJess) and Leah (LoveLee) opened their shop on Main Street in their hometown of Hammonton, NJ. Ten years later, in 2021, the name was changed to include the many people who have made this business possible over the years. Today, Lovelee & Co. is owned and operated by CEO and founder, Leah (Lovelee). And although hers are the hands that package your orders and answer your messages, there are many other hands holding hers, including her sisters, which is why "and company" was so important to her to be included in the name.

Meet LoveLee!

Hello, friend! And welcome to this tiny spec of the internet I call home. Where the friendship is free but unfortunately everything else you have to pay for. I wish I could change that but my accountant says that's not a great business model.

Here is where I like to think I have taken my patchwork of passions to create a space, here and on social media, that while it may be a business it feels more like a community. A community who cares more about the people than the profit. If I could talk with you about the really, really hard things in life and the graceful way that I believe women inherently handle them all while packaging your orders every single day I have left of this life, I know I'd be happy.

Speaking of happiness, I wasn't for a long time. I created my dream job at 21 and then lost it all 7 years later after spending the second half of my business owning years as both a small business owner and a cancer patient. After closing GorJess & LoveLee to focus on my health and then after years more of treatment I found myself both free of cancer and free of joy. Connecting with my customers and clothing them in pieces I thoughtfully selected that made them FEEL better, made me FEEL better. Something about people leaving my shop a little better than when they came in left me a little better for it, too. So what does one do when they've already found what makes them truly happy? Keep going! And so here we are. Again =)