Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more!


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! We offer digital gift cards that are immediately emailed to you! You can print, forward, or screenshot the code and send to the recipient!

You can purchase here !

Gift giving is one of our favorite things here so we understand that you might be hoping for a tangible item to gift to the recipient so we happily create a custom graphic with your recipient's name, code, amount, and a note from you in the form of a printable graphic!

Email us so we can discuss every detail of this custom graphic made especially for you. Feel free to send us all the deets and a photo to include!


Where does my order ship from?

Uhm.. my house?
If it's not clear yet, this is very much a solo operation =P Aside from friends and family lending a hand, your experience, order, and customer care is not only my job but also my very top priority.
I love my job and love serving you and find it most convenient to be able to do so to the speed and level that I do by having this shop close to me at all times. I find that I can take the care I believe is important for each and every order and do so intentionally as I'm able to which is often between sips of coffee and wine.
I like to believe the slow, purposeful pace I take to package each and every order really shines through when your order arrives and you can see the care and time I dedicate to each one. To be honest, it feels like sending presents from my home to my friends and I just really love that!
Will you really send my dog a free treat?
Yes! Yes. A thousand times, yes!

If you can't tell by the number of dogs that frequent all of my business (and personal) related content then let me just tell you so it's clear...

I LOVE DOGS. All of the dogs. It is my mission in life to pet all of the dogs. I'm told that's an unrealistic goal so the alternative is sending snacks to all of my customer's dogs.

While I believe every single human SHOULD own at least one dog, I don't like to assume that everyone does, so these tasty, FREE treats are only included upon request. I only ask that you drop a note on the checkout page to please include a treat for your pup!

A note about the treats:

They are HANDMADE by North Woods Animal Treats and Gifts in New Hampshire. They are made from human grade ingredients that are clean, simple, and all natural. You can eat these cookies if you want to!

We like to support this small business by purchasing these treats to send to your pup because our purchase with them gives back by helping to foster The Center of Hope, a workshop for challenged adults. "We help these folks acquire real job skills so they can legitimately earn a living and hold a more useful and prideful place in society."

And I just love that!
Do I really have to hand wash my items?
While a lot of our apparel's wash and care instructions suggest hand washing it's not absolutely necessary. Not in the literal sense at least!

Our products have been successfully washed on either the delicate or hand wash cycle of your regular washing machine for all of our 10 years in business with no issues!

The care instructions also often suggest the use of cold water and hanging to dry. While this is a rule you should always stick to because it's not only better for your clothes but also the environment it is ABSOLUTELY something you should follow with our pieces! Some of our pieces are made from natural materials like cotton or a blend of materials and may include a blend of recycled materials as well. Following the care instructions will help maintain the quality and shape of these natural and eco-friendly fabric blends. We want you to have and enjoy your pieces for years and years to come!
I forgot to apply my discount code, can I still use it?
If you have a discount code and forgot to use it at checkout, we regretfully cannot apply the discount post purchase.
What is afterpay?
AfterPay is a “shop now, enjoy now, pay later” payment option. In order to take advantage of Afterpay, you will need to first create an account with Afterpay. Once you’ve created an account, return to and proceed with the checkout process as normal. When you get to the "enter payment method" screen, you can select Afterpay! Heads up, you may have to login to your Afterpay account in this step. For more info on Afterpay, click here !
When will my order ship?
All orders placed after 5PM EST Monday - Thursday will ship the following business day. All orders placed Friday - Sunday will ship the following Monday. You will receive an automated email when your shipping label is printed. Tracking information is included with all packages but please allow up to 24 hours for the carrier to update the tracking. Your order will arrive within 2-5 business days. Any shipping delays due to holidays, weather, or the shipping courier are beyond our control.

Please note that delivery times do not include weekends or holidays.